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The Ivory Pomegranate The Ivory Pomegranate, Novel by Leora Freedman
by Leora Freedman

Audrey is a Jewish archaeologist digging up a Native American holy site in the American southwest. Unexpectedly she unearths a new relationship to her own culture and people, as well as to her estranged son...More

Received Publication Award
from the President of 
the State of Israel.

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Parachuting, by Leora Freedman
Zoe is a sixteen-year-old girl
caught between visions of 
idealistic Jewish heroism,
like that of HParachuting, Novel by Leora Freedmanannah Senesh,
and the enticing 
of the American
counterculture of the 1970's.
She must figure
out a future that will embrace
everything she loves and admires.
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The Daughter Who Got Away 
by Leora Freedman

The Daughter Who Got Away by Leora Freedman


Celia is a
artist and
whose grown
daughter Sharon
has escaped the pace and
expectations of
Jewish east coast
life to live in a tumble-down
cabin in British Columbia. Following a personal crisis, Celia braves a visit to the wilderness....
Forthcoming in 2014 from
Yotzeret Publishing
Received Toronto Arts Council
Mid-Career Writer's Award

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