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The Ivory Pomegranate by Leora Freedman   
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The Ivory Pomegranate, Novel by Leora Freedman


Audrey is a Jewish archaeologist digging up a Native American holy site in the American southwest.  Unexpectedly she unearths a new relationship to her own culture and people, as well as to her estranged son.  The novel explores two intense days when, amidst a resurgence of campus anti-Semitism, Audrey comes to appreciate the inescapability of her identity.  Enter her colleague Yitz, an orthodox Jewish anthropologist studying contemporary Jews, who finds himself longing to escape his identity.  An unlikely romance develops as Yitz and Audrey move in opposite directions, in a classic symmetry through which they both gain important realizations about the role of faith in our era.

    *** Award from the President of the State of Israel***
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"These tumultuous relationships tell a powerful American story that resonates today, at a time when religious belief seems arbitrary and the bonds connecting families more precarious." --Gefen Publishing House

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"...each individual [character’s] Jewish consciousness comes to reflect the larger layers of history that have formed the Jewish experience." -- Professor Ziva Shamir, Director,
Katz Research Institute for Hebrew Literature
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