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Parachuting by Leora Freedman

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  Zoe is a sixteen-year-old girl caught between visions of idealistic Jewish heroism, like that of Hannah Senesh, and the enticing freedoms of the American counterculture of the 1970’s.  Surrounded by a diverse collection of Jews who’ve ended up in the Connecticut suburbs—Holocaust survivors, Israeli expatriates, and former New Yorkers—she must figure out a future that will embrace everything she loves and admires.

  Confronted for the first time with the dark side of life, through a futile attempt to save a friend from self-destruction, she finds strength and comfort in an intense friendship with a local Israeli woman.  Zoe learns that Jewish heroism has to begin with her own courage, honesty, and sense of ethical action.

Parachuting, Novel by Leora Freedman

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