Leora Freedman, Award winning Writer
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Leora Freedman, Writer

Leora Freedman is a writer of literary fiction.  Her characters attempt to find meaning in Judaism, relate to the State of Israel, and live as Jews while fully engaged in the wider world.  Her first novel, The Ivory Pomegranate (Gefen Publications, Israel), is about a group of graduate students who confront their own heritage amidst the campus anti-Semitism released during the first Palestinian uprising.

  Her second novel, Parachuting (Sumach Press, Canada), explores the world of suburban Jews in the 1970’s through the lives of several high school girls who are caught up in both the counterculture and a deep, dramatic involvement with the Israelis living in their own community.   

 Leora's third novel, The Daughter Who Got Away (Yotzeret Publications, USA) expresses the points of view of an adventurous mother and daughter who have chosen to live at opposite extremes of the Jewish world, one in Manhattan and one in a small community in the interior of British Columbia. 

 Leora’s short fiction has appeared in a variety of significant literary journals, including The Virginia Quarterly Review, Kansas Quarterly, Frontiers: a Journal of Women Studies, Passages North, The Southern Humanities Review, and others.  She is the recipient of the “Best Short Story” award from The Southern Humanities Review; first place in the Robert Downs fiction contest at the University of Arizona, and grants from the Henfield Foundation and the Toronto Arts Council.  Her first novel, The Ivory Pomegranate, received publication grants from the fund of the President of the State of Israel; the Ministry of Absorption, and the Committee for the Absorption of Outstanding Immigrant Artists in Israel. 

 Leora is a citizen of the US, Canada, and Israel, and has spent much time in each of these countries.  Her work experience includes running a photographic studio in Jerusalem with her husband, Eric Freedman; editing research in Jewish folk literature; teaching English as a foreign language at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem; running a program for disadvantaged youth in downtown Norwalk, Connecticut; and teaching English Composition online to students at San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, California.  At present, she coordinates an English language program at the University of Toronto, where she is a faculty member.

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